[b]Next Inspirations[/b] is the brainstorm and collaboration of knowledge and experience from 3 dynamic professionals that have represented a number of companies from design, technology, events, fashion and lifestyle businesses over the past 30 years.

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^ John Eussen

[b]John Eussen - Eussen Lifestyle[/b]; is a long standing and highly respected figurehead in the design and interiors industry, specializing in innovation design concepts.  John has held various high profile management roles, including managing director positions at two multi-national companies. His experience across multiple industries that give him depth of insight into current trends and lifestyle movements.


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[url=http://www.nextinspirations.com.au/about/sharon-rae][size=175]Sharon Rae[/size][/url]

^ Sharon Rae

[b]Sharon Rae – Fashion Forecast Services[/b]; has represented key international trend studios for over 25years and has travelled extensively bringing insights to her clients in Australia and New Zealand.  She has been instrumental in bringing many internationally renown speakers to Australia for numerous trade fairs and forums, including L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, Fashion Exposed, Designex and Décoration & Design.

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[url=http://www.nextinspirations.com.au/about/sue-dight][size=175]Sue Dight[/size][/url]

^ Sue Dight

[b]Sue Dight - Touring Enterprises[/b]; has been instrumental in organising events in the UK and Australia.  Her vast experience across business, hospitality, fashion, interiors and the entertainment industries gives Sue a wealth of knowledge and experience in organising events and conferences.  She has provided event support to clients such as NAB, Pacific Brands, City of Glen Eira and the Victorian Government.


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